Online Casino Gambling Coming To Ontario By 2012

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When all of North America has regulated Internet gambling in the future, British Columbia can look back and realize that they were the pioneers for the online gambling boom. With British Columbia already on board, Ontario is hoping to have their online casino up and running by 2012.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced that Ontario lawmakers were considering regulating online gambling. On Tuesday, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Chairman Paul Godfrey announced the intentions to have the casino open within the next two years.

The Crown Corporation will spend the next year and a half deciding on how to proceed with creating an online casino site. The OLG has had several scandals in the past couple of years, and skeptics are concerned about their ability to operate a gambling website.

British Columbia did all of their research and launched their gaming site earlier this year. Within hours, the site had to be shut down because of security breaches. Initially it had been reported that large amounts of traffic caused the site to become overloaded, but that was later refuted.

The OLG funds important aspects of life in Ontario including public employment, education, and hospital care. Officials are estimating that hundreds of millions of dollars would be pumped into these programs when the Internet gambling site is launched.

British Columbia made the move to online gambling when lawmakers realized that millions of dollars was being sent to offshore gambling sites by B.C. residents. Ontario officials estimate that $400 million currently goes to sites outside of the province.

The US is also looking into regulating Internet gambling. Representative Barney Frank is standing up for millions of online gamblers in the country that are not currently protected by the government against the practices of offshore betting sites.

Frank has proposed legislation that would overturn the ill-conceived Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. The bill has already passed the House Financial Services Committee that Rep. Frank chairs.

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