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The New Hampshire Lottery Commission was preparing to launch an online gambling site despite efforts by lawmakers to delay the Internet gambling. Now it appears that lawmakers will get their wish after all as the Commission has scrapped plans for the online site.

PlayNowNH was set to be launched by the Lottery in an attempt to give residents a convenient way to play games similar to scratch-off tickets. At first, it seemed like a strong way to increase revenue for the Lottery and the state. Upon further review, the potential battle outweighed the positives.

“It was my belief that the game would have produced modest revenue,” said Charles McIntyre, Executive Director of the Lottery Commission, as reported by The Associated Press. “In light of our other challenges at this time, it is clear that the resources needed to introduce and sustain a product like PlayNowNH would be a poor return on investment.”

The challenges that McIntyre was speaking of had to do with the state government. The Lottery was ordered to delay the launch of the site until a proposal was given to the state. In that proposal, the Lottery would have had to convince lawmakers about the merits of the games they would be offering.

Lawmakers had been upset with the Lottery Commission for not offering the website when legislators were attempting to reconcile budget shortcomings earlier this year. The lawmakers were also upset they were not asked for approval for PlayNowNH.

The games that would have been available to New Hampshire residents include speed bingo, super slots, baseball, and New Hampshire poker. None of the games would have been actually played, and the determination of winning and losing tickets would have been predetermined.

The games would be played similar to a scratch-off, where gamblers buy a ticket worth varying amounts. They could then play the game online, or simply find out from a lottery retailer whether or not the ticket was a winner.

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