Poker is all around us now-a-days. You cannot turn on the television without being bombarded with poker commercials or poker advertisements. The game of poker has been around for years. So what is making poker so popular today


The birth of online poker has had a major influence on the popularity of poker world wide. It was only a few years ago when a poker player was limited to a few venues in order to play a substantial poker game.

You could have your regular home game that you played with some friends from work or you could make the trip to Atlantic City or Las Vegas and play in the casinos. Playing poker online has changed things a bit.

Today you can find a poker game virtually when ever you want one. If you come home after a long day of work and your weekly game has been cancelled, you have a great back up plan with online poker. If you have that itch at two or three in the morning, a check raise is no more than a click away.

The fact is that online poker has made accessing poker so much easier than it used to be and has ultimately globalized the game of poker. The best in the game from east to west get to battle against each other whenever they choose.

Poker on Television

If you would have told me a few years ago that poker was coming on television, I would have laughed and asked what else is on. If you tell me that same thing today, then I will tell you to set the TIVO and I will watch it as soon as I get home!

Poker is extremely fan friendly today and it has everything to do with how it is seen on television.

The invention of the Pocket Camera (camera that allows the home viewer to see the pocket cards of the player) has revolutionized the game of poker on television. Now the home viewer can see what the poker player has and see when they make a great call, gutsy raise or get bluffed out of a pot.

The announcers also due a great job combined with the great television production. The home TV viewer always seems to be kept on edge and in suspense. This makes for great television.

Regular Champions

In order to be a champion in the NFL, you must be fast, strong and be able to take a good hit. In order to be a champion in basketball, you have to defend better, jump higher and shoot better than the next player. In the World Series of Poker, you can literally be Joe Shmoe of the street and compete to be the best poker player of the year!

If you are a serious poker player, than you have said the same thing that most of us have said when watching poker on television today. You have said to yourself, well I can do that.

The beauty of televised poker events is that you can do that! All you have to do is buy-in and you have the opportunity play with great poker professionals in real live events.

Have you ever thought about taking the last shot against MJ to win the title and be forever recognized in basketball history Well, the reality is that you have the chance to knock out a Chan or an Ivey and it’s only a buy-in away.

If you are not a fan of poker then maybe you should reconsider. This great game that was considered a big fad a few years ago seems to be here to stay.

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