When you are playing poker en linea, you may notice when you buy in to a tournament that there is an added fee that does not go in to the prize pool. You may also have seen a hand won in a cash game and the player does not win the entire pot, a percentage has been taken out and mysteriously disappears. For those who have not been playing online poker for very long, this can be confusing, you may wonder why when you just won a hand that had ten dollars in the pot you are only winning nine dollars and change? This is because the house or online poker room gets a cut of the action called a rake. This is also true for the portion you pay in to a tournament that does not get included in the prize pool.

No matter where you play, online poker room, live poker room or at a brick and mortar casino, you will have to pay a rake to the house. This is how these establishments pay their bills. With out taking this amount out of the pot each hand, they would not be able to afford to stay in business and you would not have a place to play poker. This money may also be raked for a bonus or jack pot of some type. Some online poker rooms offer a bad beat jack pot that gives the winner of this jack pot thousands of dollars for holding a losing hand. This would be the only instance in poker where a losing hand would win money so most players do not mind a rake that goes in to a bad beat jack pot. I have seen these jack pots hit the million dollar mark and the losing hand walks away with around sixty five percent of the pot total on average. Not only does the losing hand win money, but the rest is shared out between the person who had the winning hand, usually around twenty percent and the rest of the players at the table get a cut as well.

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